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Some entrepreneurial ideas are inspired by ah-hah moments, while others stem from pure frustration. On rare occasions, they are born from a fine combination of both.


In her early 20’s, Aptulum Founder Megan Colbath was kicking off her career at a large aerospace company and found herself doing the stiletto sprint from one end of campus to another. By the end of the day, she was wobbling like a baby deer with blisters and rubs from her beloved high heels.  


As time marched on, Megan consulted in a range of industries all while wrapping up her Masters in Science Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan.


Although her challenges evolved from developing Android applications to industrial projects centered around water desalinization units and designing prototype radio-frequency rated enclosures for a California startup, one question eluded her – how does one make it through a day in heels without wanting to cry?


Not about to sacrifice her stiletto obsession or empowering sense of style, she turned to the other loves of her life for a solution – science and technology.


Starting in 2011, Megan dove into researching shoe design, 3D scanning, and 3D printing. She discovered that the pain and pinch of high heels are too often the consequence of improper fit that come from conventional sizing. Cue that lightbulb moment…


Aptulum, the future of high fashion footwear, came to be. With patent-pending, portable 3-D scanning technology, Aptulum uses algorithms and design validation to craft custom high-heels designed to fit your unique curves and contours ensuring complete comfort that lasts throughout your daily stiletto sprint.


For the consumer, Aptulum allows you to choose from premier styles inspired by iconic classics and the latest trends that are customized to fit the wonder that is you.


Currently in the beta testing phase, the Aptulum team is eager to hear your thoughts and ideas on the future you want for high fashioned footwear. Share your feedback with us and be the first to hear about pre-order opportunities!

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With Aptulum, comfort never looked so chic. Want to learn more? Let's get aquainted.  |  (657) 215-5951  | 104 N Agassiz St  #213, Flagstaff AZ, 86002

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